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Whether you are running a business or a household, a broken garage door spring will halt all operation. Be thankful it is something that can be fixed cheaply and quickly, and not broken cables. Even though it is common and a quick fix, Cypress Garage Door Repair knows that time is of the essence.

Don’t Hurt Yourself Fixing Broken Cables When We Can Help

Do you need a garage door spring replacement? Save yourself the hassle of trying to do it yourself and let us take care of it. After checking for broken cables, we will unwind and remove the old ones. Then we’ll loosen the hardware and replace them with fresh new coils. After that, we’ll reinstall new torsion hardware and wind everything back up. Last but not least, we will reconnect the opener and be on our way. If you do find yourself with a broken garage door cable, do not attempt repairs alone. It is dangerous and you could end up seriously injuring yourself or others. Proper tension is required and without it, the door could slip without warning.  Leave your broken cables to us. We will come at your convenience.

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Your Garage Door Is Unique & Should Be Treated As Such

garage Door RepairNobody in Cypress, Harris County, and Texas does garage door panel repair as well as we do.

We start by ensuring that it needs replacement. Sometimes the panels are only warped so they can be popped back into place. If a new one is needed, we will only replace it with a piece from the same company that manufactured it.

This is important because it must fit. They are all unique. Broken cable on garage door can be tricky.

One should not try to replace broken cables alone because it involves lifting your heavy door. We have specially trained pros that work together with the proper tools in order to do this safely. If not tightened properly more damage could occur.

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